Smell irresistible & feel fresh with soaps that rejuvenate the soul
Kick off the dead skin cells, keep your youthfulness in place
Beautify, nourish, moisturize for a skin that stays supple & velvety soft
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About Us

We are a small family business and view our customers as an extension of our own families. We proudly make products that we use in our own homes, on our delicate babies’ bottoms, our tricky teens’ skin, our stressed mature skin, and everything in between. We understand the individuality of every skin type and try to ensure we have a variety of quality, natural products for each of them. We believe everyone, inside our homes and yours, deserves a skin that’s not just soft and radiant on the outside but healthy from within. Skin care is a whole new world in itself where honest ingredients make a difference. At Lori’s, our products are made with the highest quality oils, herbs, salts and other ingredients. Our products contain quality extra virgin olive oil that would be just as good for you on your kitchen table as it is on your skin. Though there are millions of ingredients available, when it comes to our delicate skin, nothing is as gentle and effective as natural ingredients.

Body Care

Our wide range of bath oils, scrubs and other body care products will rejuvenate your body with long lasting fragrances extracted deep from nature’s lap. Explore the freshness of the oceans that will relax your body.

Face Care

We bring to you a series of carefully prepared face-care products. Extensive care for your face starts with our nourishing moisturizers that keep age-lines and wrinkles far away and make your skin flawless.


Pamper your skin with soaps that smell heavenly and take you in the pleasure of fluffy lather. We make mild, skin-loving soap bars that gently cleanse the skin and give you an at-home spa experience. Finally, a purity that matches your beauty.

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Bella Almost

Soap maker

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creative designer


Striving for Perfection When it Comes to Soaps!